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Relentless Genetics is a tight group of cannabis cultivators from the southern United States who have decades of experience with indoor cultivation and selective breeding. After spending the early years cultivating in clandestine southern gardens they relocated to the Colorado mountains. “Relentless” is the founder of the company. He was given this moniker on the forums due to his relentless pursuit of the highest quality in cannabis flowers. In the late 90’s when strains were tightly held, Relentless had an impressive collection of rare and elite clone-only cuts. Being unsatisfied with the seeds offered at the time, his curiosity with genetic experimentation led him to curating his own strains. Today Relentless Genetics is known for world renowned strains such as: Cherry Cookies, Rozay, Trop Cherry, Queen of the South, Frozay, # 1 Stunna, and many more.

Our Relentless pursuit of excellence continues today through our vast seed phenotype hunts. At Relentless Genetics we expertly combine desirable genetic traits to create regular and feminized sex seeds for our clientele. Relentless has earned a reputation for putting out top tier genetics that combine potency along with elusive flavor terpenoids, much easier said than done. At Relentless Genetics we pride ourselves in going the extra distance. We hunt through hundreds of seeds, reproducing only the positive desirable traits and eliminating undesirable genotypes. While large phenotype hunts are time consuming and costly, the Relentless brand is built upon outliers. We specialize in finding these unique outliers and we then combine their traits in a Relentless effort to find the “magic” locked away in deep within their genetics. After all, there’s a reason why most other breeders use Relentless Genetics seeds and cuts.

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