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From a tiny tent grow all the way up to large facilities, Relentless Genetics is a must have in any garden. Bag appeal, terpenes, flavor, yield and effects are all on point. They’re very transparent with the work they do breaking down exactly what cultivars were used in they’re creations. With all the breeders and choices these days Relentless Genetics should be at the top of everyone’s list! Years of proven work! Not you’re modern day pollen chucker.


Relentless Genetics is one of the most consistent companies I have had the pleasure to test with! Everything that I’ve popped has extremely high vigor, high yields and great terpene profiles. I’ve been very impressed since day one and will continue to use their genetics! Thank you for making so much heat!


Relentless has hands down some of best genetics around. Every pack I've gotten has had multiple keepers. You can tell each one has been carefully selected for certain traits and that definitely shows in final product. Not everyone puts that much work into pheno hunting. One of the few people doing it right and for that reason ill always be excited to see what new strains are on deck!


My experience with Relentless Genetics has been nothing but positive,100% germ rates,and at least one keeper in each pack.Really my only complaint is each pack has produced multiple potential keepers! Solid work from someone who takes the time for the art of selection.


Relentless is only breeder where I consistently find keeper purple cuts. I didn’t have a single keeper quality purple cut until I started testing for relentless. Typically with other breeders the potency would be lower or the terps would be the typical “purple weed” terps, not with Relentless genetics. Straight fire potency with a wide range of terpene profiles.


By far the best Genetics I have grown, consistency is key and Relentless has it on lock


For me Relentless Genetics is a no brainer and will always have a spot in my garden. Pop a pack and you can tell the work has been done. Generally finding a couple keepers every time. Great flavors, Great highs and straight up sexy plants.


Proper genetics with true breeding practices, uniform, unique, desirable flavors


I’ve been growing Relentless Genetics for a couple years. Some of the most colorful, flavorful cannabis I’ve had. Look forward to running them in my cultivation.


I've been growing medical/commercial cannabis for the last 8 years and Relentless Genetics has became my go to breeder. I've bought a ton of seed packs over the years from many different breeders and Relentless has never let me down. Relentless has really risen above the pack in a highly competitive market. Every seed pack I've popped has been as advertised or better with multiple winning phenos out of every hunt!


I’ve had the privilege of testing for relentless for more than 4 years now, and his unique strain selection and eye for genetic crossover has led to me putting tons of fire on the shelves of many California dispensary’s for awhile now. From flagship Rozay crosses to Frosted Cherry Crosses and still working with the new new it’s quality and consistency across the board.


I personally have only had great experiences growing Relentless Genetics gear. Always easy to grow, well tested, and lots of colors and terps to match.

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