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Cherry Cookie

Cherry Cookie helped put Relentless Genetics on the map. It’s an indica dominant hybrid created by hitting GSC forum cut with a special Fire OG bx1 stud. In the early 2000s Relentless bred and found the Cherry Cookie pheno in his Fire Cookies(gsc x fire og bx1). He dubbed it Cherry Cookies because it had a VERY similar terpene profile to the Cherry Pie clone, but much better structure. Structure that looked like cookies but on roids, and had terps that cookies could only dream of. The terps are LOUD cherry gas, not perfume cherry, but cherry funk gas. The kind of cherry funk that isn’t really sweet, but is associated with rare potent herb. Relentless Genetics made Fire Cookies, Cherry Cookies f2, Cherry Cookies f3, Cherry Cookies f4, Cherry Cookies f5, Frosted Cherry Cookies, and many other CC hybrids. Cherry Cookies can be pulled at 9wks but would rather 10wks and a nice flush. She holds onto her terps in flower form much longer than other strains, sometimes up to a year if stored properly. She doesn’t usually wash well, but will dump diamonds/bho. She yields and has heavy couch lock highs, usually 22-28% and heavy in myrcene. She is great for treating chronic pain, appetite loss, sleep deprivation, nausea, and cramps. Cherry Cookies is a staple for Relentless Genetics and will be used in the future.

Wednesday, 02 March 2022
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