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Relentless Genetics has made Frozay in a variety of different ways; reversing Rozay(also made by Relentless Genetics), using a Rozay f1 stud, using a Rozay f3 stud, and reversing the Frozay94 cut. Frozay is made by mixing Gelato and Rozay. The clean structure with a high calyx to leaf ratio from gelato and the terps and color from Rozay are the epitome of Frozay. Frozay combines the best of gelato and rozay to make some truly unique flower that impresses most connoisseur smokers. Most phenos are done flowering in 9wks. Many will start coloring up at the beginning of flower, some towards the end of flower. Most test in the 20% range. Some will smell of gas, like gelato, and louder, while others will smell of Rozay, with their berry fruit rollup, red wine, and flintstone vitamin like smelling terps. Frozay is a staple for Relentless Genetics and will be used in the future.

Thursday, 03 March 2022
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