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Rozay is a cross that helped put Relentless Genetics on the map. Relentless made Rozay years ago when hitting Sunset Sherbet with a colorful Purple Bomb stud. Relentless Genetics made Purple Bomb by hitting a unique purple diesel clone with heath Robinsons black rose. The mix of purple bomb and sherbet made something truly unique, terps hidden in the genetics came out, especially from the purple diesel grandmother. Medical users have described rozays smell and taste as the most unique they have ever had, saying she smelled like cream, berry fruit rollup, red wine, and reminded them on the flintstone vitamins they ate when they were children. Rozay isn’t the most potent, some phenos test at 16% while others will be in the mid 20%s, but where she lacks in potency she makes up in unique flavors. Rozay is a staple for Relentless Genetics and will be used in the future.

Thursday, 03 March 2022
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