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Banana OG BX1 F2

Banana OG BX1 X Banana OG BX1
Total: $200.00
Seeds Per Pack
Flowering Time
9 Weeks

Banana Og bx1f2 is based around OrgnKids Banana Og Kush clone. My contribution started with a crossing when I hit the cookies(gsc forum cut) with a Fire Og bx1 stud to make Fire Cookies. To those that don’t know Fire Cookies produced our well known Cherry Cookies. There’s nothing but dank in Fire cookies. We then hit Orgnkids Banana Og Kush clone to make Banana Fire Cookies. Growers loved Banana Fire Cookies and a few other breeders used it as well. From there we selected a stud from our Banana Fire Cookies and backcrossed it back to Banana Og Kush to make the Banana Og bx1. After that that we selected a male and female from the line to make the Banana Og bx1f2. With so much banana Kush in the genetics the seeds produced many banana phenos, but growers who ran the banana Kush clone and these seeds noted a tighter flower structure and increased potency with some phenos. There’s artificial candy banana smelling phenos as well as gas with subtle banana notes. The line is slightly more compact than the banana Kush clone, most phenos usually stretch less than double and are done flowering in 63 days

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