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Banana Fire Breath

(ogkb2.1 x banana og bx1)
Total: $150.00
Seeds Per Pack
Flowering Time
9 weeks

For this regular sex cross we hit in-house's OGKB2.1 with our Banana OG bx1. Our Banana og bx1 has been a work in progress for many years. Its full of quality genetics from years past. It started with hitting GSC with Fire og bx1, aka the making of our Fire Cookies. Fire Cookies has produced staples like our extremely well known Cherry Cookies. We hunted a stud from the original f1 line and then hit Banana og clone from orgnkid, making our Banana Fire Cookies. From there we found a stud in the bfc and backcrossed back into the banana og clone, making the banana og bx1. The banana fire breath(oglb2.1 x banana og bx1) is usually done in 9wks, produces a heavy yield, and the effects differ from a heavy couchlock to a more functional high. Some phenos will wash well, producing amazing hash. Many green flowers, and purple flowered phenos. Some have banana fuel terps while others have very funky gas terps. 

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