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Cherry Concussion

Headband X Caked Up Cherries
Total: $225.00
Seeds Per Pack
Flowering Time
9-10 Weeks

This one isn’t for the guys that like a light day time buzz. This is a blend of all potent genetics and the result is a real zinger. Many phenos will test in the high 20s or more. Headband x caked up cherries. We used two different caked up cherries studs for added diversity. Caked up cherries does well commercially, we made her by hitting seedjunkys wedding cake cut with our cherry cookies f3 stud. The f3 stud was all bred by us carefully over three generations. In the Cherry Concussion there are sour, og, cherry, and mixes of all the above in there! This particular one grown by @reids_weeds is a sour cherry pheno. With headband, og, cake, cherry cookies in the genetics there is no doubt a higher sensitivity level so if you regularly get herms and are frustrated this might not be the one for you. With that said the juice is absolutely worth the squeeze and unfortunately there’s not many to go around. Most will go 9-10wks, some phenos grow very quickly like an og while others are more moderate and less stretchy. Lots to chose from in all departments. Get the right pheno and it might be the best flower you have ever had.

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