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NOLA Monsoon

(rotten rozay x frozay94(r))
nola monsoon
Total: $200.00
Seeds Per Pack
Flowering Time
9 weeks

This is an epic feminized cross that we are very proud of. Years in the making, combining traits from grandparents. We reversed our prized Frozay # 94 cut to our Rotten Rozay cut. Frozay94 is a very special pheno Relentless found in his original frozay seeds. Frozay is gelato41 x rozay. Relentless made rozay by combining sunset sherbet and his purple bomb. Purple Bomb is purple diesel x black rose, by relentless around 2011. The Rotten Rozay is gmo x rozay. The nola monsoon is exactly what Relentless was hoping it would be. The best phenos have gmo structure, preferred for commercial gardens. It has a nice stretch, thick mains stems, branches out, yields, colors up, and has a funky berry soda nose! Very special. 

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